Fetch Launches FetchMe — a Real-Time Data Dashboard That Measures Mobile User Behavior and Drives More Effective …

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 25, 2014) – Fetch, the award-winning global mobile marketing agency, has today announced the launch of FetchMe, a mobile data warehousing and dashboard solution that analyses over one billion interactions per month across 100 countries. Mobile advertising is the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry (eMarketer). FetchMe is driving efficiencies in targeting mobile consumers across the world by allowing Fetch to understand, target and re-engage the most appropriate users so clients can see the highest ROI from their media spend.

The inaugural FetchMe report discovered that CPI rates have increased steadily since January this year due to increased demand and improvements in mobile advertising ROI. October 2014 saw the biggest increase in the CPI index of the year with a change of 95% as compared to January and it is expected to increase further moving into the holiday season and beyond. Also Australia, Ireland, and Norway are countries with the highest CPI rate, while the USA still enjoys the median CPI rate alongside Brazil, Canada, China and France. The full report can be found at http://wearefetch.com/2014/11/expert-insight-into-optimizing-your-mobile-advertising/.

Additional findings from the report:

1. 7pm – 9pm is when users click on apps most frequently during the day, with 8pm being peak time.
2. 7-9pm is also the time when most app installs are done by consumers, with 9am being peak time in the morning.
3. 1pm – 3pm is the most efficient activity time — it’s ‘research time’, the golden hour of research that leads to conversions in the evening. This time period sees an average 16% of users make an app install based on clicking a mobile ad. 

“FetchMe puts the mobile consumer first and has been designed to measure real people not media,” said James Connelly, founder and CEO of Fetch.” It has increased our ability to incorporate user behavior into our media targeting, ensuring that all our clients can now show the most relevant message to the relevant users at the right time on mobile whilst gaining a deeper understanding of which touchpoints are most effective.”

FetchMe aggregates anonymous mobile data from across multiple global data sources and applies the data in order to drive highly effective and well-targeted media campaigns. It analyzes changes in user behavior, engagement rates, media effectiveness and conversions on mobile. The dashboard was built over a period of two years by Fetch’s technologists after extensive beta testing and was originally conceived to understand the mobile user first, because a user-centric approach increases media buying efficiency and campaign effectiveness. It uses ‘best in class’ technology to track and analyse every single impression, click and consumer action within its clients’ campaigns. This allows Fetch’s roster of global advertisers to understand user behavior within mobile media, mobile sites and apps, whilst tracking their activity in other channels beyond just the mobile platform.

“As CPI rates continue to rise and more companies are seeing the unique benefits of advertising on mobile, businesses that invest early are well placed to reap the rewards,” said Dan Wilson, Head of Data and Operations at Fetch. “Often the most effective media interaction is the one the user encountered during a research phase, even though they may convert through an alternative media channel later that day. FetchMe allows us to measure these users, rather than measuring the media channel in isolation so we are best placed to provide them engaging content at a time that they will be most likely to show a positive response.”

About Fetch:
Fetch is an award-winning global mobile marketing agency with offices in London, San Francisco, Berlin and Hong Kong. It is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, which is ‘Innovating the Way Brands Are Built’ for its clients through its best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services. Fetch provides its clients with expertise in all areas of mobile marketing including mobile strategy, mobile creative, mobile media planning and buying, tracking and analysis.

In 2014 Fetch is the fastest growing mobile marketing agency in Europe, ranked No.3 in the Media Momentum Awards 2014 which celebrates the Top 50 Growing Digital Businesses in Europe, and won Fastest Earnings Grower of the Year. Fetch was also listed in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2014 as ‘One to Watch’.

Fetch has been named Mobile Entertainment’s Marketing Agency of the Year for three consecutive years (2011, 2012, and 2013). Clients include eBay, Hotels.com, Expedia and William Hill.


T-Mobile expands list of music providers in its free streaming program

T-Mobile’s popular music streaming program just doubled in size.

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Technology NowEU lawmakers consider urging Google to be split upSee all related

The wireless carrier recently launched a program called Music Freedom that allows wireless customers to stream songs from certain music services without using up their wireless data. On Monday, T-Mobile announced that it has more than doubled the lineup of partner music streaming services to include SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Xbox Music and 11 other companies.

T-Mobile rolls out new Wi-Fi calling and personal cell spots

The new partners join 13 other services that were already part of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program, such as Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora and iTunes Radio.

Through the program, T-Mobile Simple Choice customers stream an unlimited amount of music on T-Mobile’s network without dipping into their bucket of data. 

“Not only is Music Freedom available for T-Mobile customers at no extra charge, it’s also completely free for music streaming providers. No backroom deals. No paid prioritization,” T-Mobile said. “Just you and your music.”

T-Mobile said Music Freedom has been popular among customers since its launch. The number of T-Mobile customers streaming music every day has jumped nearly 300%, and they’re streaming 66 million songs per day — or roughly 200 terabytes of data — on T-Mobile’s Data Strong network.
The program has also become a major draw to switch to T-Mobile.  In a recent survey of U.S. wireless users, one in four said that Music Freedom alone is a key reason they’ve switched or would switch to the company, T-Mobile said.

Colorful CEO John Legere lifts T-Mobiles reputation, customer base

Colorful CEO John Legere lifts T-Mobile’s reputation, customer base Andrea Chang When John Legere vowed to make big changes at T-Mobile, he started with himself: He grew his hair into a shaggy mane, traded in his suit and tie for a hot pink wardrobe and silver fang necklace, and unleashed a loudmouth attitude never before seen in the staid world of wireless carriers. When John Legere vowed to make big changes at T-Mobile, he started with himself: He grew his hair into a shaggy mane, traded in his suit and tie for a hot pink wardrobe and silver fang necklace, and unleashed a loudmouth attitude never before seen in the staid world of wireless carriers. ( Andrea Chang ) –>

In other T-Mobile news, the Federal Communications Commission said Monday that the wireless carrier had agreed to improve disclosures for consumers using mobile speed tests.

T-Mobile will take steps to ensure that customers who run mobile speed tests on the carrier’s network will receive “accurate information about the speed of their broadband Internet connection, even when they are subject to speed reductions pursuant to their data plans,” the agency said.

As part of the agreement, T-Mobile will send text messages to customers that will enable them to more easily get accurate speed information, place direct links to accurate speed tests on customer handsets and revamp its website disclosures to provide clearer information about the speeds customers actually experience.

“The FCC is committed to ensuring that broadband providers are transparent to consumers. I’m grateful T-Mobile has worked with the FCC to ensure that its customers are better informed about the speeds they are experiencing,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement. “Consumers need this information to fully understand what they are getting with their broadband service.”

T-Mobile’s stock rose 36 cents, or 1.3%, to $28.88.

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Mobile police officer’s 20-year career ends after she’s found guilty of ‘major …

Cynthia Thomas spend more than 20 years working as a Mobile police officer. Her career ended Monday after she was found guilty of three “major violations,” a police spokeswoman said. (Courtesy of the Mobile Police Department) 

MOBILE, Alabama — A police officer’s more than 20-year long career with the Mobile Police Department ended on Monday after she was found guilty of “major violations” by the department’s trial board, according to a police spokeswoman.

Officer Cynthia Thomas was relieved of duty on Monday, said police spokeswoman Ashley Rains. She most recently worked as a traffic enforcement officer.

Rains declined to detail the circumstances leading to Thomas’ dismissal, citing the former officer’s right to an appeal.

On Nov. 12, a trial board listened to testimony and reviewed evidence for and against Thomas. The board unanimously voted Thomas guilty of violating the law enforcement code of ethics, failure to obey a direct order and conduct unbecoming.

“As all these charges are major violations, the board recommended Thomas be dismissed from service,” Rains said. “Chief (James) Barber and Mayor Sandy Stimpson concurred with the findings of the board.”


T-Mobile agrees to reveal customers’ throttled speeds

T-Mobile must provide customers information about the actual speeds they are receiving.
Josh Miller/CNET

T-Mobile has agreed to give its customers more accurate information about the speed of their mobile broadband connection, even when their speeds are being throttled.

The FCC announced Monday that T-Mobile will provide its customers with tools to allow them to accurately gauge the connection speeds they are experiencing after reaching their monthly data caps. The agreement comes in response to an FCC probe launched this summer into wireless carriers’ speed reduction practices and concern that customers were not receiving accurate information about their service.

Once T-Mobile customers exhaust their allotment of data, instead of being billed overage charges, their speeds are reduced for the remainder of their billing cycle. As spelled out in T-Mobile’s service agreement, customers’ speeds are reduced to either 128kbs or 64kbs, depending on their data plan.

Use of certain speed test applications were exempted from T-Mobile’s monthly data allotments in June, but the results were not always clearly presented, the FCC said. Rather than report the actual reduced speed being provided to customers, the exempted speed tests would return information about T-Mobile’s full network speed, preventing customers from receiving accurate information about their speeds.

“The FCC is committed to ensuring that broadband providers are transparent to consumers. I’m grateful T-Mobile has worked with the FCC to ensure that its customers are better informed about the speeds they are experiencing,” FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement. “Consumers need this information to fully understand what they are getting with their broadband service.”

The FCC said T-Mobile will send text messages to customers that will help them get more accurate speed information and place links to accurate speed tests directly on their handsets. The No. 4 US wireless carrier has also agreed to rewrite the disclosures appearing on its website to provide clearer information about the speeds customers actually experience.

“Chairman Wheeler recognizes that speed test apps help consumers make choices among competing mobile broadband services, and we agree,” T-Mobile said in a statement. “That’s why we make sure crowd-sourced speed tests accurately reflect the true lightning-fast capability of T-Mobile’s Data Strong network. The additional disclosures we’re providing to consumers on this issue will be sure to prevent any confusion and are another solid Un-carrier move.”

The FCC’s industry-wide probe was sparked by Verizon’s decision in late July to extend its policy of slowing down the top 5 percent of unlimited 3G data customers to 4G customers — a practice some refer to as throttling. After Wheeler sent a letter to Verizon saying he was “disturbed” by the policy change, the carrier announced in October that it would no longer go through with its “network optimization” policy.


T-Mobile adds Google Play, Xbox Music and more to ‘Music Freedom’

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Digital Travel Bookings Increasingly Going Mobile

Digital Travel Increasingly Going Mobile 300x300 Digital Travel Bookings Increasingly Going MobileWhile the act of finding hotels, flights, and rental cars has largely been relegated to PCs for much of the past decade, 2015 will see the majority of these transportation and lodging-related books shift toward mobile.

Of course, mobile search will be on the rise across the board (not just in the travel industry), but it is expected, as eMarketer predicts, to particularly rise in dramatic fashion when it comes to those looking for all facets of transportation information.

eMarketer’s prediction says that about 63% of mobile users will search for some kind of travel info this year and that almost half of those will do it on a mobile device. More than 50% will book something online, and nearly a third will use a mobile device to book their travel.

Smartphones are going to be more popular for booking travel than tablets in the future, but not by a sizable margin. About 90% of users will count on a smartphone to research and secure their travel accommodations, compared to about 80% who will user a tablet.